Hybreed is a young and vibrant practice espablished in 2015. We are focused on innovative design and architectural solutions with a dedication to new crafts and artistic thinking.

The founder, Matteo Baldassari, is graduated from the University of Rome La Sapienza in Italy, Matteo has additionally studied in France, Spain and the Netherlands. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture with Honours and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Design and building technology. His global education is matched by international professional experience having worked in France, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.
In 2012 Matteo started his collaboration with ONL_Oosterhuis Lenard and Hyperbody at TU Deft, a research group interested in the new territories of architectural research with a focus on robotics and interactive design.
In 2014 Matteo joined Erick Van Egeraat to work on several large scale projects in Moscow and The Netherlands. He also collaborated with TU Delft as guest tutor on robotic manufacturing and computational design.
In 2015 he founded Hybreed, a company specialized in innovative design and architectural solutions through robotic crafts and computational design strategies.

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