We consider architecture and design as an informed process, a multidisciplinary approach between complex matters as computational design, biomimicry, optimization,  fabrication processes, environmental requirements and functional needs.
Each design is the result of the balance between those factors trying to minimize the human impact on the environment. Robotics, engineering and computational design are the main actors of this scenario where the insight of nature and the relationship with the environment are the key for the achievement of more soustainable architecture.
Architecture it’s not anymore building walls but becomes an invisible network of relationship with nature where the boundaries are minimized and materials optimized to reinstate a more soustainable approach.
Computational tools allow to create custom systems and and integrated approach able to shape architecture as a dynamic result,  a continous process able to meet all the requirements coming from different fields and expertise.

every architectural project is triggered by a natural process, none of them is considered as a static design but as a variable able to reshape the project during his life span. Materials, robotics and computation come together to reinstate a processual logic and a method akin to natural processes.

The mathematical complexity of the process engaged fascinates us. We program projects parameters, defined after a careful observation of contextual factors, available resources, and specific wishes from our clients. As programmers we can adapt the parameters instantly to new demands and conditions occurring along design development. In case of serial production, each item can be fabricated with its own distinct aspects, still within an automated process, in which we modify the variables controlling the machines movements. The variations are unlimited, and fast processed. In unique objects like buildings, using machines to prototype and flexible 3-dimensional computer models creates instant material to be directly understood, examined by us and our partners. It animates a tangible collaboration platform between all parties active in the project making, skipping the delay of subcontracting mock-ups and third-parties simulations, drastically lighting the task of modifying the design.
Using machines further to realize whole or parts of full-scale projects allows integration of customized non-standard components that remains feasible in costs, optimization and time.

We cross research and application very closely. Research and knowledge warrant solid preparatory bases to start each project.
In return evaluation of completed work leads to revise research orientations so they remain fruitful for real-world applications

Our team is founded on solid competences in parametric design, supported by successful applications of this process in buildings and products. As architects and designers we master the responsibilities associated with our profession, through different project scales – at all different stages – from client brief to final realization. We ensures strong capacities in executing and bringing to completion high standard projects.

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